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    I searched the docs but maybe / hopefully I just missed the correct "search" words.

    I look for the espruino/bangle event to register on when the hardware time is set/updated.

    Background: You have a bangle clock face that renders a date. Date rendering is only required at next day switch, so you use a timeout.

    After battery drain the date is wrong (1970/1/1). You sync the date from an external source e.g. android.
    As it is a timeout based on measure time elapsed and not a "at"-event e.g. (1970/1/2) the timeout seems not to get triggered. The "at" event would/should of course triffer when date is cahnged to future.

    Therefore I want to register on the event to render an update immediately after the hw clock/rtc was (hardly) changed.

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    @blogmywiki: I can confirm the difference of the rendered phases with the visual moon.

    Nevertheless I can confirm the the calculation itself seems correct as also @Andreas_Rozek tested.

    From my point of view:

    1. It's hard to render a -always correct- circle view projection within 23 px
    2. Typically a moon projection shows als the full circle; but see 1. with a doted 1px line ... I don't expect to be more precise for our eyes
    3. I guess using the same code (moonphase calculation) in more than one app/widget or the cool overlays that @Andreas_Rozek provides (e.g. a module) would be very helpfull
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    I can only confirm that the Android/Gadgetbridge TimeSync after connect works like a charm.
    Personally, for me, it doesn't matter if the time difference is e.g. 5s per day.

    1. I don't use a clock with seconds active
    2. The clock reconnects 10 times during day and resync time (because the mobile lays somewhere on desk and i leave the BT radius -> resynced time after within raduis again)
    3. If I would need to know the exact time I took a look at the mobile or some other ntp time-synced device