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    I tried it several times but sleep log only works if worn on the right wrist (Bangle 2). On left wrist it always detects no sleep. I did not change any settings yet. Do you have any ideas?

    This a really interesting occurrence. I am right-handed and always wear my watch on the left wrist. This is how I tested the app and set the default values. I never tried to check how the data changes on the other wrist.

    Actually I'm working a lot on the app and there will be some major changes and improvements on the next version. For more detailed information you may take a look on this issue in github.

    For a faster solution I would recommend to try the power saving mode. Over my test I experienced a quiet similar behavior in both modes but the hardware varieties might be less noticeable. As a result, you might not need to change the default values for the power saving mode.

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    I would love to have all files belonging to an app inside its own folder.
    I think it will also make it easier to fetch the upstream on a repository with added apps.