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    Lertulo which Gadgetbridge text are you referring to?

    Well, let's see. On https://banglejs.com/apps/, there's a reference here:

    Android Integration
    Display notifications/music/etc from Gadgetbridge on Android. This replaces the old Gadgetbridge widget.

    I get that we're talking about an old Gagetbridge widget, not a now-deprecated phone-side app, but you can imagine how a n00b like myself might be confused.

    On the same site, try clicking on the Info button for the Messages app. It says this:

    This app handles the display of messages and message notifications. It stores a list of currently received messages and allows them to be listed, viewed, and responded to.
    It is a replacement for the old notify/gadgetbridge apps.

    So, this says it's a replacement for an older gadgetbridge app. That reinforces the idea that Gadgetbridge is now defunct.

    So someone curious about Gadgetbridge and its history might continue scrolling down in banglejs.com/apps to find an entry for Gadgetbridge itself. And it's there, and says:

    (NOT RECOMMENDED) Handles Gadgetbridge notifications from Android. This is now replaced by the 'Android' app.

    Thus, it's pretty clear why someone might just assume Gadgetbridge is no longer needed.

    And of course there's the fact that "gadgetbridge", as a name, is unfortunately identical to an existing in-app-store Android app--one that is basically a newsreader, and has nothing to do with Bangle or Espruino.

    So then I'd look for a tutorial or getting started page that walks through the steps necessary to hook these things up, and... well, I grant that I'm distracted and have little time to dedicate to the search, but I'm not seeing anything. So I appreciate the responses in this thread, but can I suggest that this is probably a fairly common goal for someone picking up one of these nifty devices, and might benefit from a write-up from someone who knows the steps?

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    Huh. There's a lot of text on the forums that talks about gadgetbridge, and I get that this is out-of-date. But even having successfully installed the Android app on the bangle.js2, and the Messages app there as well, and having ensured that it's paired with my phone and that the Android app reports "Connected: Yes", I still cannot get the bangle to even note that any events have occurred at the phone. Phone receives text? Bangle says No Messages. I'd suspect there should be some sort of bridge required running at the phone--something to notice that there were notifications, and forward them to the watch--but I'm unclear what that would be.

    Cleaning up the old-and-no-longer-relevant gadgetbridge text, and adding a walk-through for how to configure this, would be a big help.

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    First bangle.js 2 application I've tried. Actually, haven't even bundled it as an app yet--just playing in the IDE and learning the API.