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    @allObjects Hello everyone. I asked in another thread about a halogen bulb to light a projector. A
    particular DIY project site shows the use of a 12v 20w halogen bulb,
    presumably, because that's what the projector they have puts out to the lamp
    socket. However, apparently, mine, which uses 21V bulbs and I find that
    when I test the socket, it actually shows about 24V.

    The idea is to splice the halogen bulb on its own mounting into the wires for
    the projector's lamp. However, I assume I can't run a 12v bulb on a 24v
    source, if I can't find a 21v (or 24v?) 20-watt bulb, how would I go about
    rigging (or finding) an independent 12v (or whatever voltage) power supply
    for the halogen bulb?