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    My app (Authentiwatch) needs camera access to scan QR codes in the web interface.

    If I use https://banglejs.com/apps/ all is good, the camera works after requesting and giving permission. However, if I use BangleJS GadgetBridge to manage my apps, it behaves as if the camera is blocked, without giving me any option to allow access.

    Can something be done about this?

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    I realise this is a 3-year-old thread that has been dredged up, but since I find floating-point numbers interesting (as a professional programmer), I thought I'd leave this link to a website I find useful: https://www.h-schmidt.net/FloatConverter­/IEEE754.html

    It demonstrates that in general floating-point numbers can almost never represent fractions exactly (see 'Value actually stored in float'). As a result, you will always be able to find edge cases where rounding is apparently being performed incorrectly.

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    I can't clearly remember when I last did a 'factory reset', but it was probably around the time I upgraded from 2v12 to 2v13. From memory my 2v12 had crashed with 'storage corrupt' and when it finished erasing and restarting I upgraded to 2v13 before restoring my apps and stuff.

    I don't really understand how corruption that might have occurred days or even weeks ago can end up with such fatal results - complete erasure of the watch. If you're going to be writing to some new part of the memory, wouldn't it get erased first? That's how I handle Flash chips in my data logger. When the write routines get to the first address of an erasable block, that block is erased before the writes continue.

    However, I recognise that emulating a file system is quite different from simple linear data logging.

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    Last night I tried to update apps on my watch running the original release 2v13 firmware for the first time in one or two weeks. They did not succeed.

    I was only able to try with my Android phone. Each time I attempted to update an app it appeared to start off OK, but I never got the green 'success' popup at the bottom of the screen. I tried the LCARS clock app first, then the Messages app. Both were broken afterwards and would not work.

    I was only after a few attempts retrying the update that the Bangle2 suddenly reset and showed a "storage corrupt" message and erased everything!

    Prior to all this there had been no indication that anything was wrong. After it restarted I upgraded to 2V13.19 and started restoring my watch.

    I can't remember exactly what I had installed, but it included:

    • Messages & Android Integration
    • my 2FA Authenticator
    • LCARS clock
    • Timer Clock
    • Digital clock widget
    • Bluetooth widget
    • Pedometer widget

    Sorry I don't have anything more useful. It wiped itself out before I could try anything else.

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    I'm not aware of CMYK displays. Maybe actual e-paper displays that default to white and need to subtract colours to work (like actual paper and printing). I think we're mostly likely to get an upgraded display via the 64-colour one I found, since it's basically exactly the same as the current one, except for the extra colours.

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    @Gordon - whatever you've done, it's worked! Thanks.

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    I'm trying to upgrade from 2v12.111 to 2v13 using the banglejs.com/apps Firmware Updater.

    I can pick the firmware file as usual and then click Upload, but while a progress bar appears on the watch (and does nothing), the progress bar appears on the web page only briefly before disappearing. Nothing further happens.

    I've tried on my Android phone and a PC.

    I've also tried the 2v12.126 and plain 2v12 with the same results. Same with the development app loader.