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    Thanks, @Gordon.

    I think I'm there. After trying again the 'upload to v2.12 bootloader' update, and upgrade to 2.15 now seems to have worked.

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    Ok, so after a long time sitting on my shelf my bangle is recharged and ready to play with again - but I'm having this issue and the steps in @Gordon 's post (#41 above) don't seem to help.

    Following ther steps, I upload the file then get 'hold button to reload', the watch goes blank then a screen appears which starts 'WATCHDOG' - but disappears before I can read any more! The I'm back to the screen with 'Bangle', a watch image (actually a bangle 1 picture?), and the fw version remains shown as 2v10.219, below this is a serial number, then at the bottom it says

    Checking storage
    Storage ok

    That's followed by a black line, and then nothing else happens.

    If I hold the button for longer, I get the <===== > bit, then the screen says


    and after minute or so it then goes to the same screen as above.

    Am I doing something wrong?

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    Ok, I just renamed the folder to 'tapclock' (just to neaten things up without the 7-char limit) and it works - well, it uploads and the basic clock face loads! So no idea what was happening yesterday. Now I just need to work out why the tap doesn't, and improve the face which looks less clear on the actual watch than in the emulator.

    I've still got the old version showing up in the app list, though, and it still says 'app source not found' if I select that one. Presumably the only way to get rid of it is to use 'remove all apps' and reload the ones I want?

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    The seven character limit is on the github ReadMe (https://github.com/espruino/BangleApps) under 'Example Apps'. It does say 28 characters further up the page, though, so that's my memory!

    My version is at https://github.com/daldred/BangleApps .

    I tried going to https://github.com/daldred/BangleApps/ap­ps/tapclok/app.js, and got a 'not found' error. However I also get that error also happens if I go to https://github.com/daldred/BangleApps/ap­ps/boldclk/bold_clock.js, which is the path to the Bold Clock app file - and the Bold clock is the one that loaded onto the Bangle from this source and works without an issue.

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    I assumed that had to match the folder name - and that's where the seven character limit impacted (the 'c' was sacrificed!).

    Should it perhaps match the file names in 'storage' instead (or as well)?

    If the seven character limit no longer applies I'll make folder, id and storage locations consistently 'tapclock'.

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    I'm trying to test a clock on the bangle 2. I have followed the steps to fork the app loader, and have a working version; I can upload an existing clock from this version to the Bangle and it works once loaded, so the actual forked loader seems to be working.

    • I have my own code in the folder /apps/tapclok, in the file /apps/tapclok/app.js.
    • The code works in the emulator, so it's probably not broken!
    • The icon (set up according to https://www.espruino.com/Bangle.js+App+L­oader) is in /apps/tapclok/app-icon.js.
    • The following has been added to /apps.json at root (after a comma to split it from the previous one):

      { "id": "tapclok",
      "name": "Tap Clock",
      "shortName":"Tap Clock",
      "description": "A simple analogue clock - tap the watch to switch temporarily to a digital format with seconds and date",
      "icon": "tapclock.png",
      "type": "clock",
      "tags": "clock",
      "supports" : ["BANGLEJS2"],  
      "readme": "README.md",
      "storage": [

    When I upload the clock, and try to launch it, I get the message 'App source not found', and there is no icon next to the name in the list of applications.

    I must have missed a step somewhere! What's gone wrong?

    (And does the seven character limit still apply? Some other apps don't seem to respect it!)

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    Playing with the 'beep setting to see if it will make noises - but I'm encountering this behaviour:

    1. Start with a rebooted watch
    2. Go into settings Select 'beep' (the initial value shows' undefined')
    3. change the value to 'On'
    4. Use the IDE left hand side to try to make it beep - it doesn't.
    5. Go back to settings and change the value back to 'undefined' (simply to leave it as it was)
    6. Touch on the left side to move away from the 'beep' menu item. The watch doesn't respond to the touch, and it takes a reboot to get it working again.

    In the IDE the following appears:

    Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected end of Input
     at line 1 col 1
    in function "format" called from line 3 col 68
    in function "draw" called from line 1 col 236
    in function "select" called from line 1 col 22
    in function "cb" called from line 1 col 8
    in function called from system
     at line 1 col 1

    Obvious remedy to avoid this, don't try to set 'beep to 'undefined'! But it looks like a bug.

    And should it actually be able to make a beep of sorts? The docs (which probably refer to bangle 1) say that you can set 'beep' to vibrate and it will simulate a beep using the vibration motor, but there's no such setting available on the Bangle 2.