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    if you set it updating/installing and then you switch desktop browser tabs away, it 'pauses' the BangleApps tab, which then stops the update. Maybe that could be it.

    Yes, I think that was the problem.
    But if it was something else, I'll let you know

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    Hi Gordon,

    Thank you for your response :)

    I somehow managed it. After a few "install default apps" it is now working normally again. But to answer your questions.

    Did you get any error messages? What happened after?

    No errors at all. Maybe not all default apps were uploaded correctly.

    Thank you again! I appreciate that

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    Got the bangle.js v 2.? watch today, tried it and was satisfied. Then I uploaded the app manager (v0.07) and changed the app order. But since then the menu of btn2 does not work. It opens up in the new order, but I can't navigate with btn1 and btn2 anymore. The blue bar that shows the selected app is also no longer visible. I then wanted to reset the clock and did that through the browser (install default apps). But that didnt worked.

    How can the problem be solved? Do you have an idea? Do you need more info?