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    I still have the same problem.
    My ESP8266-01 does not respond to AT commands, and at 74880 baud it sends the following message when resetting using its pin:

    ets Jan  8 2013,rst cause:2, boot mode:(3,6)
    load 0x40100000, len 2408, room 16 
    tail 8
    chksum 0xef
    load 0x00000000, len 0, room 0 
    tail 0
    chksum 0xef
    load 0x00000000, len 0, room 8 
    tail 0
    chksum 0xef
    csum 0xef
    csum err

    What should I do? I have tried flashing it several times with different options... Nothing has worked.