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    ok the result of process.env.VERSION is....2v09.90!!! You were right.
    I've downloaded from page https://www.espruino.com/Download#bangle­js the Release: espruino_2v09_banglejs.zip.
    So I downgraded to version 2v09, installed pixel clock, and...now if I press btn2 I see black screen on the bangle, and I have this result from Espruino web IDE:

    Uncaught Error: Cannot read property 'bg' of undefined
    at line 1 col 230


    in function "drawMenu" called from line 9 col 10

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    Ok, I installed pixel clock, and suddenly the 3 btns didn't work. So it was visualized the morphing clock and I couln'd load the pixel clock (first time). So I connected to Espruino web ide, and it appeared (without pressing any button) this:

    Uncaught Error: Unknown UI mode
     at line 31 col 38
        throw new Error("Unknown UI mode");
    in function called from line 26 col 21

    After this, I could press the buttons and use the pixel clock. Anb again the problem of pressing the btns. Moreover when I use the pixel clock the battery icon disappers.

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    Yes , I confirm that. One of these days I'll retry the procedure of resetting and let you know how's going.

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    I tried what you've suggested (I have version 2v09) but nothing.
    Again the same problem. The only difference is that now if I install a clock (I tried 4 different ones), when I reload I find the morphing clock and I have to select the clock I've installed. Then I can see xthe clock but the btns aren't working. Before, when I installed a clock, and then reload, then I see immidiatly the clock and the btns weren't working.

    With morphing clock bangle works, and I could go on with this. It is only a pity having to give up with other clocks.

    I attach an image of the installed apps with versions (if it can help), when I installed default apps.


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    Yes I hold it more than 2 seconds. In fact when there's morphing clock the btn 3 works for reloading.
    Yes I mean 2x3 pixel clock. I tried also other clocks, but same negative result (except for morphing clock).
    Is there a way to hard reset bangle?

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    I found Update 1 app, and it was the bootloader. Updated, now I have installed version 0.28.
    I also put all the 3 wakeup btns ON.
    But nothing. If I install pixel clock, it appears on the screen "press btn 3 to reload", but it doesn't accept the pressing of the button. So I have to uninstall pixel clock, it appears again on the screen "press btn 3 to reload" and now it works, and I can see the usual morphing clock.

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    Hi, no problem.

    Maybe I haven't explained well the issue. Don't consider the part regarding the buttons.
    The problem is that if I install the pixel clock (or every other clock except the morphing clock) I cannot enter in the settings menu (pressing the button 2) and I cannot reload the bangle (pressing the button 3). It is like it doesn't accept the commands, but the clock is working.
    With the pixel clock installed, the only thinf I can do is pressing buttons 1+2 and reboot; connect with web serial and uninstall the clock.
    With the morphing clock it all works.

    In the web page of bangle, it said I had an old firmware (and I was having already this problem). So I installed the latest version of firmware, but the problem is still there.

    What should I try?

    Thank you

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    In the last week i can open the app launcher (every type of launcher) only with morphing clock. If i use any other clock, bangle keeps showing the watch but buttons aren't working. So i cannot enter in the launcher and also btn 3 is reloading the page. The issue was present with old fw and also after updating to new fw. In lcd settings i put wakeup only with btn 2 and it works.

    Thanks in advance