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    I'm always wondering why don't you use STM32F103RF? I understand it's $0.7 more expensive, but 3 times more flash and 2 times more RAM could save a lot of efforts for you...


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    Hi Gordon,

    I can't currently 'git push'. Could you please add me into the list of contributors on github? User name: utemkin

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    Right. Just FSMC setup. I will take setup code from my other project. Can I push the changes directly to git or just publish fragment here?

    There are really many different controllers used. Even HY32D display can be based on 2 different ones.

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    As Stev noticed, the screen on HY32 works unreliable.

    For me it reports "Unknown LCD code 0 0" 100% of time after reset(). However, it prints Espruino welcome screen.

    What I noticed is that if I change FSMC initialization code (\libs\graphics\lcd_fsmc.c: LCD_init_hardware) to the one from HY32's examples, it stops complaining. This means that timings are wrong (at least for reading).

    Gordon, if you want me to contribute to your project, I would rewrite FSMC init part of code.

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    I have successfully set up my build environment. I can confirm that current version from git repository works fine with my HY32 board.

    Windows 7-64 host
    VirtualBox 4.3.2
    Linux absolute 3.2.0-4-686-pae #1 SMP Debian 3.2.57-3+deb7u1 i686 GNU/Linux
    Distributor ID: Debian
    Description: Debian GNU/Linux 7.5 (wheezy)
    Release: 7.5
    Codename: wheezy
    Sourcery CodeBench Lite 2013.11-24

    Hey Gordon, I can share my VirtualBox image. Just give me a link where I can upload ~900MB

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    The speed is actually high. I use STemWin (Segger's emWin sublicensed to ST - free for all STM32 users) and it's internal benchmark

    Sorry. I messed with numbers. Earlier I wrote it was 8MB/s. Actually it's 8 megepixels/s (and each pixel is 16bit)

    for 16 bit parallel inferface it's 8 megapixels/s
    for 8 bit parallel inferface it's 4 megapixels/s
    for SPI inferface it's 1 megapixels/s

    You choose :)

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    ILI9481's are slightly different in how you setup registers to access controller memory

    Using of SPI is possible but slow. The maximum SPI clock you can have from STM32F103 is 18MHz, which is 2MB/s. The maximum not yet exeeding spec FMSC speed is 8MB/s. There's compromise solution - use 8 bit mode

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    Sorry, no. They aren't pin compatible. I just use a bunch of jumper wires

    And I also use FMSC to drive the bus. Gordon's board contains chip from medium-density series, so it does not have FMSC. But it's not really a problem. It can be driven by bit banging (if you have enough free pins)

    Let's count. You need WR, RD, CS, A0 and either 8 or 16 data bits for display and CS, MCK, MISO and MOSI for touch