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40 years coding

Chemistry Degree: worked as a Trace substance Analytical Chemist
Education Degree: Teach: Robotics 3D Printing, Animation and Coding
Diploma in Counselling: Can calm my self when my code does not work :)
Recent Interests include: TensorflowJS, Machine Learning using Javascript

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Very curious about all things Javascript

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    Hi at @Gordon, I forgot about this post, I made 3 years ago and the interesting rabbit hole it sent me down.

    Yes the PortentaH7 advertised as being ABLE to run JavaScript, but nothing was ever adopted by Arduino as official support for Javascript. They did very well with supporting OpenMV for micro-python support. It actually runs fairly well if you like Python.

    Time for me to try Espruino, hopefully we can get in touch.


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    I am at the same step. Flashing bootloader seems fine. I think windows probably needs a driver. Will look a bit more.

    Just occurred to me that the problem is probably that I have never ran an official Espruino device. The driver that would normally install on first run is probably not installing. Will try that.

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    Any extra tricks. I can install your hex file. But my windows 10 computer does not seem to see the port unless I put it in bootloader mode, but then flashing does not work.. Chrome extension seems to work fine. Doesn't help that I haven't even used espruino before so not sure if I am doing anything really silly.

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    The New Arduino Protenta H7 is very interesting as it potentially could use it's second core to run Espruino (Boot core is an M7 has a secondary M4 core). What is really interesting is the board is now available but they have not got the advertised Javascript functionality working yet. See link

    It is a pricey board at ~$100, but would be very interesting if someone could get it working on Espruino. Any opinions on the difficulties or deal breakers with the board?

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    This thread was originally about the Particle Mesh. Can someone give an update. I wrote about the particle debugger being very useful on this thread.


    From @Gordon
    "Having said all that OpenThread actually looks really good and does seem to be a proper mesh solution - what Bluetooth Mesh should have been. And that one really does only work on nRF52840."

    Has anyone got OpenThread working with Espruino?

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    I am new to all this, however I have been hacking various nrf5200 boards for a while. Anyone here used the Particle Debugger for $20.00 USD from Adafruit. It is fairly amazing, drag and drop .bin and .hex boot loading.

    Here is a long blog about what I was trying to do on PlatformIO

    Since I am new to the forum can someone summarize their experience with the NRF52840 USB dongle or similar with espruino? I have 3 of them.