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    i totally get that this is not a high priority

    it really is nice that it allready kindof works like want,
    but its a different story to just plug in a usb stick and find some text with explanations,
    without any further knowlege of that product.

    i just wanted to know if its possible at all or if its somehow against
    the basic philosophy or capabilities of the espruino project.

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    circuitpython has a repl too, i dont know how different it is to espruino

    i have two usecases where i would like to have a usb device.

    1. when i have a project eg a garage door opener with a code pad
      and its all done, i would like to have the code and some doku with
      the values to change and maybe parts to use, so if i come back 20 yeas later i
      immedeatl know what to do without reverse engeneer what i did ages ago.

    2. When i e.g. built da datalogger and install it at a remote location,
      i can just call someone and copy the cvs file, and maybe the new code,
      without that they have to know anything

    i think this would be possible with circuitpython - but i cant stand pythons syntax.

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    is it possible to use Espruino like circuitpython?
    With a USB Drive option when connected to a pc to upload
    the code, docs and logs in plain text?

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    is there a new Board in the works?
    like something based on ESP32-S2 or Teensy 4.0/4.1?

    i do like Javascript on MCU but the pico seems to be a bit outdated and underpowered
    considering its costs.

    A more recent and powerful board with offical firmware would be really nice.