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    What about puck V1 & V2 ?

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    After a hard reset I get ±32uA. I don't know why current intensity was so high the first time.

    I manage to get ±25 uA with stopping BLE. I flashed the puck with this simple code :


    It's far better but I still don't understand how I can get less than 5uA.
    I have a Reed Switch on a pin. Can it be leaking ?

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    Hi Gordon,

    For my part I don' t manage to get under 290uA...
    For example, if I reset the Puck and take the measurements (so with no code flashed in the puck and no computer connected), it stays at 292uA with some oscillations at 418uA.

    My measurements are taken with a small amperemeter. It connects the negative pole of the battery to the ground of the circuit. (A piece of plastic separates them, so the ciruit is off if my amperemeter is off).

    Any idea ?