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    Thanks Akos !

    I connected battery to the 3.3 pin and it seems to be better indeed, 100uF capacitors is now enough to prevent crashing.

    Any idea to improve this ? And why the puck doesn't have this issue ?

    And yes you are right about the CR2032 max drain. Actually it drains 10-20mA just during 2 seconds and a very very few times. I will change battery to a special one allowing high drain but first I really would like to make the MDBT42 as stable as the Puck. I need the circuit to hold as much as possible with end-of-life batteries.

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    There is another thing :
    with MDBT40, the motor is on by default, as if Digital Pins 28,29,30 were HIGH by default, while with Puck JS, motor is off by default, which seems to mean that Digital Pins 28,29,30 are LOW by default. Is it normal ?

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    Hi everyone,

    I have a circuit with a PuckJS, a motor driver and a motor DC powered by the same CR2032 battery. I would like to replace the PuckJS with an MDBT42 but the MDBT42 crashes when the motor is powered. Everything works fine with PuckJS.

    Does anyone know why ?

    By the way the MDBT42 stop crashing if I add two big capacitors (1000uF 25V), one at board terminal, one at the battery terminal. But those capacitors are too big for the space I've got. I tried with smaller capacitors or just one but it doesn't work. I can't get why.

    The motor draws 10-25mA.

    Thanks a lot

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    What about puck V1 & V2 ?

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    After a hard reset I get ±32uA. I don't know why current intensity was so high the first time.

    I manage to get ±25 uA with stopping BLE. I flashed the puck with this simple code :


    It's far better but I still don't understand how I can get less than 5uA.
    I have a Reed Switch on a pin. Can it be leaking ?

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    Hi Gordon,

    For my part I don' t manage to get under 290uA...
    For example, if I reset the Puck and take the measurements (so with no code flashed in the puck and no computer connected), it stays at 292uA with some oscillations at 418uA.

    My measurements are taken with a small amperemeter. It connects the negative pole of the battery to the ground of the circuit. (A piece of plastic separates them, so the ciruit is off if my amperemeter is off).

    Any idea ?