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    Found this thread when searching for the ghosting issue.
    Just started using my new v2 two days ago (long time v1 user), and oh boy, ghosting is everywhere for me.

    I use the Dev Clock, and when I open the menu, it is hard to read some of the Text next to the icons.

    I'm working on some of my apps right now, and when navigating from menu to menu, I notice the same issue. Is there anything I can do to make this less noticable? Currently I don't enforce any additional refresh/handling of LCD states.

    Edit: Might be worth mentioning: it is much more noticable in dark mode

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    After investigating further, I have narrowed it down to the auto-reconnect.
    Everytime I'm out of bluetooth reach, it won't connect again unless:

    • I forget the Watch on my phone
    • restart the watch multiple times

    On first try, it sometimes throws the error that the Bluetooth PIN could not be validated.
    It is very likely that btn1+btn2 vs. turning on/off was just my perception and a coincident.

    Once a stable connection has been established, without master/slave dropping or loosing it, it continues to work like a charm.

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    Good Day,

    I'm experiencing the same issue with my mobile.
    Currently running Android v9 Kernel 4.4.153-perf+
    But it is actually OxygenOS with build number A5010_43_190624 on a OnePlus 5T.

    Didn't feel different on another device.

    Usually the trick to make it work is turning the watch off completely rather than only triggering the reset with btn1+btn2.

    Still, the watch is amazingly fun to play and tinker around with! Love it!