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    Hi guys.

    At the beginning I have to say, I have just started with Espruino.

    I have this board WeMos D1 R32 UNO ESP32 connected over mini USB to PC where is installed digicamcontrol (software for digital camera control).
    Digicamcontrol have a plugin for Arduino and over setup its listening on USB COM4.

    When I run Espruino, there are some characters coming in Monitor window in Digicamcontrol like ?????L???S???
    I guess, this is console output.
    So, Digicamcontrol is listening. But I need to send from Espruino text command over USB to PC so Digicamcontrol will understand. In Digicamcontrol is message this must be done over Serial.println().
    But as I understand, SerialX. are dedicated on the board to some pins. How to make something like USB.println() ?