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    OK, I to these steps and the run ok
    1.- Long-press BTN1 + BTN2 for about 6 seconds until the screen goes blank
    2.- Release BTN2
    3.- Release BTN1 a moment later while ==== is going across the screen
    4.- The watch should now be in Dfu mode

    Thank @Ganblejs

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    Hi @Ganblejs thanks for your feedback
    I tested the Android App and there results are KO.
    Step by Step
    1.- I press button 1 and 2 at the same time during few seconds, the watch vibrate.
    2.- I release the buttons and press button 1 in order to turn on the watch, then I maintain pressed the same button while "====" is loading and the bluetooth is discovered by the Android App.
    3.- Finally I press start the update process but minwhile the process is running the Watch disapear (is like the bluetooth is switching to turned off in the watch) and the update processs finalize with KO as we can see in the attachment picture.

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    Dear all,
    I do the steps described in this link
    Then I can't connect via bluetooth (the device ins't discovered as bluetooth)
    Exist other method in order to do a hard reset and load the default firmaware?

    Please see the attached images.
    Thanks of lot!

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    Hi Gordon, today work ok and I able to upload new Apps...I don't know what's happen

    My current settings on the watch are:
    BLE: on
    Debug Info: Hide

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    Hi everyone, I just started today with this smart watch.
    After connect the watch with my Mac, I can´t upload, install or delete any App.
    I´m using:

    • Google Chrome Versión 80.0.3987.149 (Build oficial) (64 bits)
    • macOS Catalina Version 10.15.4

    Algo, I try to install an App from the Android phone with the same result.

    You can see the error message in the attached evidence files (image and console log )

    Please, anyone can help me with the step by step in order to fix this issue?
    Thanks of lot