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noob :)

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    Hi MaBe, thank you for your answer.
    That is the tricky part, if i use setSntp, I am getting error :

    Uncaught Error: Cannot read property 'connect' of undefined
    at line 57 col 5
    wifi.connect(WIFI_NAME, WIFI_OPTIONS, function(err) {

    Any idea why is this happening?

    Thanks 😊

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    I am trying to sync my esp8266 with NTP server, but I am running into a two problems.

    The first one is that if I use setSNTP(sntpServer, timeOffset) method on require("Wifi")

    var wifi = require("Wifi").setSNTP('2.europe.pool.n­tp.org',1);

    I am getting error msg:

    Uncaught Error: Cannot read property 'connect' of undefined
     at line 57 col 5
    wifi.connect(WIFI_NAME, WIFI_OPTIONS, function(err) {

    The second problem:
    If I ditch the idea of using SNTP and just use Date(), when esp is connected I print time and it sometimes shows my local time, and sometimes UTC time. But, if I press reset button on the board, it set time to 01.01.1970.

    What am I missing here?

    Here is my code:

        var  on = false;
        var WIFI_NAME = "name";
        var WIFI_OPTIONS = { password : "passwd" };
        var server = ""; // the ip of your MQTT broker
        var wifi = require("Wifi").setSNTP('2.europe.pool.n­tp.org',1);
        var mqttOptions = { // ALL OPTIONAL - the defaults are below
            client_id : "random",   // the client ID sent to MQTT - it's a good idea to define your own static one   based on `getSerial()`
            keep_alive: 60,         // keep alive time in seconds
            port: 1883,             // port number
            clean_session: true,
            username: undefined,   // default is undefined
            password: undefined,   // default is undefined
            protocol_name: "MQTT",  // or MQIsdp, etc..
            protocol_level: 4,      // protocol level
        var mqtt = require("MQTT").create(server, mqttOptions);
        //When Mqtt connection is enstablished subscribe on following topics
        mqtt.on('connected', function() {
        mqtt.on('publish', function (pub) {
            console.log("topic: "+pub.topic);
            console.log("message: "+pub.message);
            if(pub.topic === "led"){
            console.log('Led msg');
            on = !on;
            } else if(pub.topic === 'time') {
            console.log(`I got time`);
            mqtt.publish('time', Date());
        wifi.connect(WIFI_NAME, WIFI_OPTIONS, function(err) {
        if (err) {
            console.log("Connection error: "+err);
        console.log(`Time : ${Date()}`);
        console.log(`Time Zone : ${Date().getTimezoneOffset()}`);

    Thanks :)

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    Thank you Robin.

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    Thanks Robin, very friendly community :)

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    Hi Robin,

    It's been a year and I didn't work on this and I completely forgot how I did it at the time. I wanted to refresh knowledge and got stuck with flashing and pushing the code. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    After a few hours of reading the documentation and examination I managed to make my esp8266 to connect to wifi and mqtt...

    I have a new questions since you answered my previous question.

    1. I do not understand the concept how espruino works. I am used to Arduino loop function and I can't get my head around how it works on espruino? How can I achieve the same behaviour in espruino?
    2. I guess that this code snippet listens for message 'connected' from mqtt broker and then executes the subscription to certain topics?

      mqtt.on('connected', function(pub) {//subscribe to topics});
    3. Can you please point me how to define pins for digital read and write? I am unable to find the documentation for that?

    Thanks :)

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    Hello, I am new here and I am struggling to flash and use espruino with Esp boards.

    Can you please help me and post up to date tutorial so I can know how to push code to the board(permanently) and how to debug board?

    thanks :)

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    @Robin, thanks for response. My greenhouse is just near my hose, so I don't need LORA wan for communication. However, I will buy espruino board.

    @allObjects thanks for this elaboration, I will order a few boards and try to build the system.

    Thanks for your help guys :)