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    I am also getting some errors with my custom Bangle.js App Loader:
    It works fine on my personal Github.io pages
    ...but it doesn't work as expected on my local Synology server.
    (I prefer this solution to avoid waiting for Github.io pages to update.)

    Hence, when I select Bangle.js 2 no app is shown in the list of available apps. See below messages:

    I can view all the apps, if I select All Apps instead of Bangle.js 2 though.
    I can connect to my Bangle but the apps already on it appear this way in the App Loader:

    Did anyone encounter such issues?

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    Thank you Gordon for your prompt and precise answer, as always!
    It sounds very promising: 53B/7.5ms = 7kB/s = 6.9KiB/s

    Do you think catching the escape sequence (pause + key word) will decrease this throughput substantially due to Espruino overheads?

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    Do you have any clues if this modest throughput (1-2.7KB/s) is due to BLE limitations or more to the Espruino interpreter slowing down the transmission process?

    I am thinking of coding a simple BLE-serial passthrough adapter based on the examples provided. I would like it mostly to transmit data, but also to react to a specific sequence (key word after a given rest period in that data flux ~AT commands), to toggle a pin. Do you have any idea on how it should perform compared to other BLE-serial devices out there (like the HM-10) regarding throughput?

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    edit: this also explains why a refresh worked for me - everything would already have been cached by the second reload, even if I could get it to break the very first time I tried it.

    It's not that important now that the emulator is working again, but still, I wonder why this trick didn't work for me too...

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    Hurray!! You are a boss Gordon!! It is working again!

    Indeed for a year only, I moved to a place with a low speed connection, certainly when I noticed the problem...

    Thank you!

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    As I explained in post #53 as soon as I click the 'Emulator' button, and as the Emulator pop-up opens, it's canvas is immediately populated with viewable content.

    You mean with viewable content coming from your code right? Not the default Bangle.js boot content?
    Indeed I am surprised of this... I thought the process was to connect first (to see the default Bangle.js boot content) and to save the code from the right hand side panel in a second step to see how it performs in the Emulator. According to what you say, I must be wrong. I thought such behaviour would occur only in presence of &upload&emulator at the end of the url...

    What I remember for sure is that I was able to experiment typing some operations in the WebIDE's REPL directly (left hand side panel) once connected to the emulator, which currently I can't.

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    Please try cut-n-paste the following

    Still getting a white emulator window.
    Which makes sense again, as the problem occurs when trying to connect to the emulator, which takes place before uploading any code to it....

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    That day I was experimenting with the 2x3 Pixel Clock accessible at https://banglejs.com/apps/#clock. Just click on the Try in Emulator icon and it will bring you there. Code line number 28 will match.

    But really, my issue occurs whatever the code in the right hand side panel is (the panel can be empty). It occurs when I want to connect the WebIDE to the Emulator (Connect / Disconnect plug icon > Emulator). At this stage, I am not uploading any code from the right hand side panel into the emulator yet.

    Do you see the above code block with a fresh start of the browser pointing to http://www.espruino.com/ide/ ?

    What I see is the latest code I played with: currently it is code of the 2x3 Pixel Clock. If I clear cookies and other site data from Chrome, I get this in the WebIDE right hand side panel:

    var  on = false;
    setInterval(function() {
      on = !on;
    }, 500);

    ...which is the panel default content I guess. But when trying to connect to the Emulator, the problem of getting a white emulator window still occurs.

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    @sebi    I don't know how plainly we may request, please post the file that is being uploaded as in post #35   Let's rule out that code block, or upload the default code block and provide the default file error output.

    I would like to help but I still cannot figure out how to do what you ask for...
    You mean post 25 right? (post 35 is mine with some screenshots.)

    Orange Connect Button :: Emulator


    Carret inside Emulator Window

    Carret? Fn+F5 is to brighten the keyboard on my computer??
    What I understand is: select the Emulator Window and refresh it.


    I am not familiar with the Developer console and I don't know how to generate the log files the way you did. Instead I took some screenshots and posted them in the forum. With further explanations I can try to post what you ask for.

    If by "the file that is being uploaded" you mean the file that is being sent from the WebIDE right panel to the emulator, this file can be empty. If you ask for the file that is being executed by Chrome, it is supposed to be the one obtained when navigating to http://www.espruino.com/ide/. I hope my computer does not interfere with that file and leaves it genuine (no addon modifies it). Maybe there is a way to save a copy of the exact code that is being executed by Chrome and this is what you ask for?

    Regarding the refresh process, I couldn't try it to verify it but, from what I understand, if the Emulator is working properly and you refresh that Emulator screen, you will lose the connection with the WebIDE resulting in a white screen for the Emulator. Is this correct?
    So one hypothesis would be that my Emulator window gets refreshed unintentionally at start leading to a connection loss, right?

    Thanks @TTBangler for trying to help too!

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    I am able to see parts in post #35 and that appears to me not the default that is loaded when one launches the web IDE

    That is very strange to me... If I understand right, by looking at my Chrome's developer console you didn't recognized the sequence of code that should be executed normally. Is that it? Currently I am clueless, and don't know what could be interfering with running Espruino WebIDE code the normal way on my computer.