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    This is my first post on this forum! I'm also new to Espruino, but it looks cool!
    I got a question about the integration and use of Espruino in third party software and hardware.
    Some time ago I made some hardware to read parameters from sensors and controlling actuators. This works stable, but sometimes I need to change some parameters and I want to stop with building my whole project again for changing sometimes 1 parameter...
    So, is it possible to use Espruino to do this job? I use a standard Free-RTOS OS with GCC for Arm?
    If yes,
    • How to integrate Espruino in Free-RTOS environment?
    • What are the possible interfaces to adapt de JavaScript code?
    • Is it possible to view the already running code?
    • How easy is it to add additional functions for my specific hardware?