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    Nope, we have nothing to do with estimote.

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    Just wondering: Do you actually use float with Espruino instead of the standard-conform double? We are thinking about the switch, because then we can use the FPUs. But this might break some people's programs.
    This would explain btw why Cortex M4 is faster for you: ESP32 has a not really fast FPU.

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    Well, we might have changed it, but I do not remember when. A while ago most probably.

    I understand you can compile JavaScript code to C. But it is not valid JavaScript anymore, it is a subset of JavaScript. But a cool feature non-the-less...It lets you do things with very small devices if you are willing to do it "the Espruino way".

    low.js uses DukTape, but we've added a small JIT layer (does not optimize that much, however). And we try to become 100% Node.JS. We hope to get some people in the industry use it for industrial automation and things like that. A few customers we already have here.

    All in all, I agree on your comparison.

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    Hello everyone, hello Gordon,
    I'm Thomas from neonious. Just noticed this thread (Google).

    Regarding your post: you are incorrect with that the async functions of low.js will block somewhere. low.js provides 100% async read/writes. The async calls go into a different thread, which does not block the code thread. The neonious one even utilizes an additional SPI flash chip for the file system, so there is no call to esp_partition_read/write or whatever which would block.

    Regarding speed of byte code vs source code, the following code runs multiple minutes with Espruino, while it only runs for 5 secs on low.js:

    var k = 0;
    for(var i = 0; i < 1000; i++)
        for(var j = 0; j < 1000; j++)
            k += j;
    console.log('Done', k);

    Over all, we're trying to be 100% truthful, so if you see anything wrong in our comparison on our website, please tell me exactly what we shall change.
    Thank you,