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    Hi all, sorry to leave hanging but life and such...

    Want to thank all of you, I tried the basics first, this is the first time I have played with this since my last post and looks to be reasonable success.
    I rewired so there is only one power source and common grounds, works right off the bat.
    I can query the ESP8266 and get response back, bit of tweaking but I'm on the right path now.
    First few characters get a bit weirdly processed but will investigate everything over, its literally the first power on and its working so thought I respond to this old thread with thanks :)

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    Thanks Robin and Gordon for your time, I got a fair whack of work and jury duty on top currently so my testing is delayed a bit but ill be trying over next day for sure.

    You have just reminded me, when I was testing the ESP8266, it was on its own, i am running it through a separate 3.3V supply and not the USB serial converter 3.3, but the power supply itself is powered off USB, should be plenty of power.
    I did not find out what the 3.3V power supply pins are capable of providing from the RAK yet so I didnt use them to power the ESP yet, but it is the plan to use the RAK 3.3 supply I hope.

    Currently there is no ground from the RAK to the breadboard where the buttons for flash and reset and all the connections from the ESP are, but I did test it out just now and it did not change anything unfortunately.

    What I may do for a test tomorrow when I get more time is to try power the whole ESP from the RAK, which will then have the common ground with the RAK too.

    Also the loopback test, I swear I have done it successfully, but ill have to retest. Hard to remember after a few hours banging head against the wall with this issue hehe

    I did swap the TX/RX pins but i do not appear to have much success with that, in fact the reset button immediately decides to not work on the ESP8266. Normally the lights go mad for a second when you reset it, but nothing after I swap the TX/RX pins.

    I'll report back next testing session.
    Appreciate your time.

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    Hi all, I am very much a novice at both IoT devices and JS, I force myself to learn.
    I have come up with 2 problems I am not able to work out tho.

    I have Espruino 2.03 on the RAK8212 and for testing I am using AT commands easily over Web IDE over BLE and very happy with the way GPS and LTE CAT-M1 connections work. Great!
    I then bought an ESP8266 ESP-01 into the mix, running native AT firmware "ESP8266_AT_Bin_V1.6.2_0".

    I connected the TX/RX of the ESP to RAK D28/D29 (SENS_DOUT1 and SENS_DOUT2) which is the TX/RX for when the FTTI is connected to PC and I am now stuck with 2 issues.
    1) I am getting only gargabe data over the serial once I reset the ESP8266 and I have no idea why, due to my inexperience I hope.
    2) I am unable to send my own AT command to the ESP8266 over the WebIDE through the RAK it seems.
    I only get the output back from the ESP8266 once I perform a reset on the ESP8266 (See 1 and below).
    I have tried Serial1.print("AT"), Serial1.write("AT\r"), Serial1.write("AT\r\n") but I only get local echo using the same upload to the RAK as per number 1, it never goes to the ESP, as I can not see the ESP light flashing indicating activity.

    My upload looks like this

    Serial1.setup(115200, {rx:D28, tx:D29});
    Serial1.on('data', function (data) { print(" "+data); });

    And my output looks like this, after pushing reset button on the ESP8266

    I am able to connect the ESP8266 over FTTI and using "Termite" connect to the serial console and issue AT commands no problems, and get results returned. Using same baud rate of 115200.

    I have searched the forum as well as the documentation, where I have gotten the Serial commands to test with.
    I am unsure where I am going wrong, is someone kindly able to give me a hand please?
    Thanks muchly.