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    Hi all, received battery and attached it to P3. GPS is working now. NBIOT module is not working. Looking at the electrical scheme, both should and are powered. Measuring the NBIOT BC95B power, I have around 3.7V.

    Not sure this is sufficient or is there another issue. Checking the same electrical scheme and comparing this with the JSON file for RAK8211, it looks like pins 14 and 15 are swapped. Not sure if this is ok.

    Any last thoughts?!

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    And a final mistery, trying to hook on a batery...looking at the pin settings of P2 (from left to right), on PCB you see + -, while P3 (from left to right) shows - T +. And to make it even more confusing , the RAK documentation shows + T - (the other way around....).

    Measuring the pins by checking the resistance, it seems the most right pins of P2 and P3 seem to be connected...

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    Hi, thanks for all input.

    Tried tonight all suggestions, without any luck :-(.
    Used solar cell which produces around 6.0V in combination with the USB.

    Found the possible cause of the problem, check the voltage of pins 45/46 of the BC95B module, which was about 2.7V. While the specifications ask for more....

    Checked also the 8211.json file, this one is referring to the M35 module. Not sure if this might be the problem, the pin definitions of the NRF52 seems to be ok...not sure at the BC95B module.

    Any final ideas are welcome.. :-(

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    I am afraid that I have used indeed only the USB connector of the dev shield (sorry, forgot to mention this). Now you are mentioning this, I remember something into that direction.

    Question, I have both a solar panel and a battery. P2 is the standard connector for the two-wired solar panel connector (~ 5.5V). The battery (~3.5V) is also two-wired (same connector)?

    Based on the required power supply of 3.5 - 18V, I guess the battery can be put on P2 as well unless P2 does not like solar light based electrons :-)

    Thanks Gordon.

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    Hi there,

    I am trying to send my first AT commands towards the BC95 NB-IoT module using one of the examples. For some reason I only receive Error codes.

    Checked the board.js file (Tx D28 and Rx D29), as part of the script "usart" is being used.
    Loaded the latest firmware version 2v03.

    Any hints?

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    I succeeded...it' working...
    As I am new...need to find some samples...

    In case of any suggestions, looking for RAK8211-NB examples...

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    So, I need to attach the J-Link adapter as is and in parallel the delivered USB cable for power. Makes sense but I need to be sure...
    After work, I'll continue the project.

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    Hmm….just tried to flash but...
    Conecting to J-Link...
    Connecting to target...
    ERROR: Could not connect to target.

    With respect to the cabling, I have taken the small ribbon cable and adapted it to support the Vcc, GND, SWDCLK and SDWIO. Measuring the cables, the first 4 tiny cables starting from (1) on the board are to my understanding representing Vcc, SWDIO, GND and SWCLK.

    However, putting in the USB cable into my computer and measuring the voltage on (1) and (3), I don't measure something like 3.3VDC. I am not sure if this correct or is switched on when flashing.

    Any ideas?!