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    Ouch :D
    What about if every panel (16x16) which is 15A or 75W would run from individial power supply (for each panel own one)? It obviously a bit more expensive, but easy solution here?
    Something like this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UK-Stock-DC-5V­-12V-Universal-Regulated-Switching-Power­-Supply-for-LED-Strip-CCTV-/400671565030­?pt=UK_BOI_Electrical_Test_Measurement_E­quipment_ET&var=&hash=item5d49e2e4e6
    Which is £12, not that bad imho. There is 200W option as well, which is enough for 2 panels. Throwing more Amps on panels - is not bad, right? As I would plug Espruino it self to same power source, and board needs very little energy (Espruino + WiFi/Ethernet).
    It just have to be 5V and enough of Amps?

    1.35 KW LED array, lol, that will cost a bit of energy :)

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    That is a great explanation!

    I've looked into external power supply options, they look rather serious :) But If I want to have 18 in total of those panels, then it will be up to 600W (5v 270A), that is like a good PC with next-get GPU card.

    I will go for an external power supply option. Will let you know how it will perform.

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    Those little caps - are capacitors. Your problem is different.
    All LED strips already have individual capacitor nearby Each LED.

    I've got slightly other problem now.
    Got 256 RGB LEDs soldered, in 16x16 array.
    My problem is that at the end of chain, LEDs start looking dimmed (they become orange, like loose blue and some green), like not much power left, especially if they all white.

    It is plugged to espruino (power, data, ground).
    As I understand I should move power and ground to external source?

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    WebSockets has extra framing around each message, on top of pure TCP sockets including handshaking - which is string based message (HTTP headers).
    Framing contain some data about type of message, its length and masking. That pretty much it.
    I have implemented this protocol in C# .Net long time ago (when there was no SignalR and .Net 4.5).
    Those guys have it, but their implementation is a bit surplus: https://github.com/einaros/ws
    Here is some code for send/receive in .Net with dataframing I've made some time ago: http://moka.me.uk/files/wsreadwrite.txt

    UDP is unreliable especially on embedded systems. What about just streamed TCP? Pure binary TCP stream? As starting point I believe is a good thing, will allow other developers to implement their data protocols on top of it.

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    You might ask Hackspace London guys on mailing list, seen someone were playing with lasers there: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/­london-hack-space

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    If streams will come, will they be compatible with any socket? As if it will allow stream over TCP socket, that would be "mindblowingly" amazing :)

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    Could you please modify your post, as it looks broken :)

    You can extract colour data from bmp into Uint8Array on desktop computer, then using atob convert into binary string, and save into a file.
    Then it will be much easier and faster to load it from SD card on Espruino from that file (binary string) using atob, speed should spike dramatically.

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    Just unrelated tip, but will reduce size of emptiness in your code :)
    Replace linea function with this:

    function linea(y) {
      return (y - 1) * 128;