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    Thank you Gordon, I will give that a crack later today.

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    Is there anyway to disable BLE completely on Espruino?

    I am currently using BLE for serial comms whilst debugging, however I have no need for it during run time/production.

    Any way to turn off?

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    Thank you Gordon.

    I will take a look at the npm repo.

    Heck I wish I knew the last part last year. We deployed 25 or so Pucks, never occurred to me to just read back the flash... Used to lock bits back in my AVR days, where that was near impossible.

    Thank you. Now on to the next task of getting this RAK8212 to function properly. Wanted to make sure I could be production ready before ending knee deep in trying to program 1000's of these. Cheers.

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    Hey guys,
    I have recently started using Espruino for some projects, and thus far it has been quite enjoyable.

    My issue that is arising is when I am moving into production. It is quite tedious to flash espruino via jtag, then connect to espruino ide to save my code to the device.

    Is there a way to compile a custom binary of espruino with my code so I can flash the device with jtag and be done with it??

    Cheers Chris.