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    This is really cool. Sorry I haven't seen this earlier. I've been sick and then started teaching the new semester yesterday. Busy.

    I have enlisted the help of students at a local university (Louisiana Tech) to help with the coding but it looks like you have done that. This is really great but I have no idea what I'm looking at (well, maybe a little)! Here are some questions:

    I just want the game to operate for one time and it resets all over again. It stays off till I turn it on so no penalty for an early start.
    It shouldn't keep track of the winner over and over. If I'm reading all this correctly, it seems that it is remembering who won and how many times they have won. Is that correct?

    How many Espruino boards would this game require? One, two, 16? One board would be great as would one long string of 500 lights but should I have multiple strings instead - one string of 30/50 LEDs for each player?

    How would the lights know when the ball passes over a rollover switch? I don't know how I would wire the switches to the lights. Do I need to find an electrical engineer to make the connections?

    While I have help, students are probably not going to understand the switch to the LEDs part. They work in CS /IT, not electrical engineering. I think the university can help with that too but it would help to know if you know how to do this.

    I know this seems like a lot, but this is a very important memory that I'd like to relive with my kids and grandkids (seven children, 15 grandchildren - yeah, there's a lot of them) and because this game no longer exists. the last complete 1940's arcade game was parted out to people wanting antique collectibles. Reconstructing this preserves the overall game for history plus it's just a lot of fun, anyone, no matter what age, can play. And I'd have the only one like it.

    I'm going to have the pinball half remade like the original. Silkscreened board with the company logo, and all. The only difference is the electronics are made to last for 100 years (hopefully). Your help has and will bring a lot of happiness to an old man (me) for a long time to come.

    I can build the cabinets, the wallboard and the like but I just don't understand the electronics enough to make it happen. (I put weather sensors on my RPi and they worked but it took weeks to do it and a lot of frustration - still, I succeeded). I haven't said thank you to everyone so far but I really want to do that now before I get crazy busy and forget. Thanks for the help.