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    I expect you're right. The temperature thing is annoying, but probably not worth changing.

    I found the topics that use the MAC address in the name, and changed them to use device name.

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    RE temperature inconsistency.

    I've got 3 different kinds of sensor. A QingPing ClearGrass CGG1, a Xiaomi LYWSDCGQ, and a few Xiaomi LYWSD03MMC with the custom ATC firmware. It's the first two, the ones with default firmware, that now publish temperature instead of temp.

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    My build was about 2 years old, from when I originally committed the Docker image. I've got them configured in the old format, which looks like it ought to still work.

      "12:34:56:78:90": "device-name"

    It is picking up the device names, because I still get the ble/advertise/device-name and ble/presence/device-name topics appearing. It's just than none of the individual services (battery, temperature, humidity) have the device name anymore.

    Here's one for my watch battery. There's a 180f topic with the device name, and a battery topic with the MAC address.

    ble/advertise/watch2/180f [48]
    ble/advertise/f9:7f:c4:fd:c4:7f/battery 48

    Sounds like this might have been a regression at some point. I think it probably shouldn't publish to the MAC address topics, if you've given the device a name. Or do you think it should do both?

    I'll see if I can have a look into this.

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    Also, I've now got a mix of ble/advertise/mac:address/temp and ble/advertise/mac:address/temperature for different sensors. Everything used to be .../temp before.

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    Hi. I just upgraded my Espruinohub, which was pretty old.

    It used to publish topics in the format ble/advertise/device-name/temp for temperature, for example, but now it only seems to do ble/advertise/mac:address/temp. Is that right? Is there a config option to get that topic back?


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    This is Bangle.js 2. I never saw the message on my 1.

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    I get MEMORY_BUSY regularly. Pretty much any time I pick up the watch to put it on it will be showing that message.
    This is what I've got installed. I just did an update on everything, so these aren't actually the versions I've been running.

    • Battery Level Widget (v0.09)
    • Bluetooth ID Widget (v0.03)
    • BLE GATT Battery Service (v0.01) - I wrote this, so might be the problem.
    • Bluetooth Widget (v0.08)
    • Lock Widget (v0.06)
    • About (v0.12)
    • GPS Time (v0.05)
    • Health Tracking (v0.15)
    • Bootloader (v0.48)
    • Bluetooth Music Swipe Controls (v0.01) - Only installed this fairly recently, so presumably not the problem.
    • Scheduler (v0.13)
    • Alarms & Timers (v0.33)
    • Anton Clock (v0.09)
    • Settings (v0.49)
    • Launcher (v0.14)
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    What do I need to do to make this available on Bangle JS 2 as well? Just test to see if it works, then update "supports": ["BANGLEJS"],?