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I am a Professional Computer Graphic and DTP Operator with 15 years of experience. One day, in 2016, I quit job, started learning programming, and become Software Engineer (Front-end).

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    I had similar problem:

    Execution Interrupted during event processing.
    New interpreter error: MEMORY
    ERROR: Ctrl-C while processing interval - removing it.
    Execution Interrupted during event processing.
    New interpreter error: CALLBACK

    I send DHT22 sensor data to backend endpoint every second using http post requests.
    I think I needed 7+-20 of them to show up to cause it this to happen.

    Extending setInterval() from 1000 to 5000 did work.

    I think the memory stores the http request until it receives callback or expires at some point, and sending too many in the same time causes CALLBACK MEMORY to run out of storage space :)

    You need to find the right interval time so that the "callback memory" stack had data flow instead eventually run out of space.

    http request connects to server, closes connection, waits for the response, and when it receives one, the whole thing ends and memory stack is being free from this http request, so in the meantime memory stores the request.

    If you sent 50 requests and none gets response, you have 50 requests waiting for responses which causes memory run out of space to store more.

    If you need the data immediately, please consider web sockets instead of http requests.

    web socket opens connection and never closes it, in the meantime data flows non stop. it is used for chats but any other use when data flow is needed and considerably web socket would use less data transfer than http request is a good choice.

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    Has anyone successfully flashed NodeMCU with ESP8266 and CP2102 USB to UART bridge, with Espruino v1.99 and connected to using Espruino IDE?

    I have Amica NodeMCU board.
    I use esptool.py.
    I installed UART driver (https://www.silabs.com/products/developm­ent-tools/software/usb-to-uart-bridge-vc­p-drivers#windows).
    Chrome and native Espruino IDE sees USB to UART bridge on COM5.
    I can successfully flash the board, but after flashing IDE returns:
    "Unable to retrieve board information. Connection Error?"

    I used DIO, QIO, DOUT, QOUT, 80m, 40m, 115200, 9600, espruino 8266 v1.99 and espruino 8266 4MB v1.99 (both stable and cutting edge) in all combinations I could think of, and nothing works.

    However board with CH340 on the same cable flashes and works.

    This is my first board with CP2102 USB to UART bridge. Any board with CH340 chip i have work with eventually flashed and connected to Espruino IDE, whether it was DIO , QIO, DOUT...

    If anyone has successfully flashed CP2102 with any previous version of Espruino, I would really appreciate the info what version of Espruino and what options, whether it was some flash loader or esptool so I could repeat steps and see if this is Espruino software, driver or the board itself.

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    If anyone wants, I can upload your code (just paste it here), run it, and paste back the results.

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    The thing is...it looks like there is a build-in antena.

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    Board has successfully flashed with espruino v1.99.
    Ddht22 sensor works ok and returns data to console
    Simple wifi.connect returns no_ap_found
    Surprisingly the AP is being set, but my phone does not see it.

    Exactly the same code put on board with external esp8266 works.
    My phone sees AP.
    Dht22 sensor works.

    I have different boards with esp8266 (nodemcu d1, v3, v1...) this version is the only one that does not work. My friend says that he has the same problem, however we bought it on Amazon from the same seller so I cannot exclude the factory damage. I would need to buy one from some other producer.

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    Found board with Integrated ESP8266 called HW-628. Took one for tests. Found out that wifi is not working with Espruino. I'm guessing it is not supported or the ESP8266 is not the same as HW-628. Anyone had any experience with those strange boards?

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    I had the same problem, changing qio to dio solved my problem :)
    Thank you!