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    Hi Wilberforce,

    How do you set up for jtag programming when you are using the ide-directly?

    I am not using the IDE. My test was to have a program running (blinky...) and debug it using JTAG (openocd).

    You might need to write a custom function to re-enable or define these pin modes - both would need custom firmware.

    OK, that´s what I thought. Thanks for confirming.

    Just curious - why do need to debug at this lower level if you are using espruino?

    Out of pure curiosity and since I got a JTAG debugger, I need to debug everything :)
    My curiosity also pushes me to learn how YOU debug while developing Espruino itself but you may have already wrote about that (I did not search yet).

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    I have been programming an ESP32 with the IDF and able to use JTAG debugging without a problem.

    When using Espruino however, the JTAG pins are configured for GPIO. Does anyone knows a way to set those back for JTAG?

    We are talking about GPIO12-13-14-15.