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    I have built code with webpack. Result bundle was 7K. It is pretty much same as buint by espruino-tool but without require statements.

    In this case Espruino tried to save 15KB to flash as well.

    I saw thread on GitHub regarding ESP8266_4M version.
    Are you going to extend memory to 64K? If code size is actually takes twice amount of memory it can bee too little.

    NodeMCU (lua version) ables to use whole chip memory.

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    By the way.
    I found strange thing.
    I'm using espruino-tool to work. I've built code to output file (run with -o bundle.js). Result file takes only 6KB, but in terminal I see that Espruino tried to save 15KB to flash.

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    Thanks for the reply.
    I expeted to use up 1 or 2 MB but 64k is fine for now.

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    I'm running into same issue.
    I have 1v91 firmware on NodeMCU (ESP-12) with 4MB of flash. But I cannot save more than 12KB of code. I've trited to create MQTT thermometer. After incluring MQTT and DS12B20 modules my ESP run aout of memory.

    ERROR: Too big to save to flash (14350 vs 12284 bytes)

    This 2 libraries is pretty basic.
    I have seen Espruino documentation where I've found that is only 12KB is reserved to save code and 3MB is unsused space.

    Do I do something wrong or this is known issue?
    Maybe you have some suggestions how to use that 3MB to store code?