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    To get the thing running from Windows 10:

    • connect micro USB on HiLetgo board to computer (mine didn't appear to start up with working Lua, so did flash as follows).
    • hold the "FLASH" button on the board, press and release the "RST" button, then after a few more seconds release the "FLASH" button.
    • run this this: ESP8266Flasher.exe for Win64 (see below for links)
      -- select COM port (should show up in device manager as "Silicon Labs CP210x...")
      -- click "Flash(F)" (progress bar should show progress until finished).
    • run LuaLoader (may need to select COM port and 9600 baud rate)
    • you're basically ready to see some output-- set wireless AP defaults through LuaLoader using the buttons, or type some Lua commands to verify Lua is running.

    Detailed instructions and links for ESP8266Flasher and LuaLoader are here: