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    I believe you can use the FS module to access some extra storage.

    Format the extra partition using http://www.espruino.com/Reference#l_E_fl­ashFatFS
    you can then use the extra space availible on the ESP32 board.

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    I've got some code that is both hosting a webserver and polling sensors for data.

    The sensor polling uses timeouts to provide a wait time for the sensor to respond, and the webserver uses the standard pageRequest function to parse the request and serve information back to the client. html, js and css files are held in storage and are read out in chunks on request.

    I'm assuming its something to do with timers, and the storage module as I can disable the polling and it works fine.

    this was all working fine in version 2.8, but I tried version 2.10 yesterday and now if try and load the page served by the module whilst running the polling loop I get the error 'Execution Interrupted during event processing.' I get this lots of times.

    Any thoughts on what might have changed between v2.8 and v2.10 that might cause this and how one might resolve the issue.


    Rob Smart

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    Is it possible to get the reset info on the ESP32 like it is on the ESP8266?

    Is there a way to parse the startup text that is displayed on the console to get the reset info?


    Rob Smart

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    I'm using a ESP32 to listen for BLE packets and I'm getting the occasional error. Any ideas on how to figure out the issue?

    Guru Meditation Error: Core 0 panic'ed (LoadStoreError). Exception was unhandled.
    Core 0 register dump:
    PC : 0x400d8da0 PS : 0x00060c30 A0 : 0x800ea8ca A1 : 0x3ffde630
    A2 : 0x3ffed1bc A3 : 0x00000000 A4 : 0x00000000 A5 : 0x00001e00
    A6 : 0x00000000 A7 : 0x00000000 A8 : 0x4006182c A9 : 0x00007468
    A10 : 0x00000076 A11 : 0x00000000 A12 : 0x0000000e A13 : 0x000003fe
    A14 : 0x7ff00000 A15 : 0x7ff38800 SAR : 0x00000012 EXCCAUSE: 0x00000003
    EXCVADDR: 0x40061830 LBEG : 0x4009b418 LEND : 0x4009b423 LCOUNT : 0x00000000

    Backtrace: 0x400d8da0:0x3ffde630 0x400ea8c7:0x3ffde650 0x400ea91d:0x3ffde700 0x400f9a3c:0x3ffde720

    Many Thanks,

    Rob Smart

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    I've been flashing ESP's for ages with Espruino and this is the first time I've seen this.

    I've got a really simple bit of code:

    function main() {
     var BTN = 12;
      var rgb = new Uint8ClampedArray(3*3);
      var pos = 0;
      function getPattern() {
        for (var i=0;i<rgb.length;) {
          rgb[i++] = (1 + Math.sin((i+pos)*0.1324)) * 127;
          rgb[i++] = (1 + Math.sin((i+pos)*0.1654)) * 127;
          rgb[i++] = (1 + Math.sin((i+pos)*0.1)) * 127;
        return rgb;
      setInterval(function() {
        require("neopixel").write(14, getPattern());
      }, 100);
    pinMode(12, 'input_pullup');
      setWatch(function(e) {
        console.log('bttn pressed');
      }, 12, { repeat: true, debounce:100, edge: 'falling' });
    E.on('init', main);

    Just to flash some LED's and listen to a button press, and if I type save in the console to store the code, I just get an endless loop of errors reading this:

    in function called from system
    Uncaught SyntaxError: Got [ERASED] expected EOF
    at line 1 col 1

    I'm sure I'm flashing the correct firmware (the V2.08 4mb ESP8266 version)

    Any ideas?