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    Great work as always, Gordon!

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    I just managed to flash drazzy's bigram firmware and now my Espruino classic is working fine...

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    I've just used the stm32loader tool to 1) erase and then 2) write the latest firmware (espruino_1v92.1909_espruino_1r3.bin) that I downloaded yesterday, but the verification (-v) mode fails:

    python Dropbox/Espruino/stm32loader.py -p /dev/ttyACM0 -v ~/Downloads/espruino_1v92.1909_espruino_­1r3.bin
    Read 256 bytes at 0x8034600
    Verification FAILED
    214668 vs 214668
    0x4: 0xad vs 0x35
    0x8: 0xf9 vs 0x89
    0xc: 0xf9 vs 0x89
    0x23ea: 0x1 vs 0xff
    0x23eb: 0x0 vs 0xff
    0x23ec: 0x0 vs 0xff
    0x23ed: 0x0 vs 0xff
    0x23ee: 0x8 vs 0xff
    0x23ef: 0x0 vs 0xff
    0x23f0: 0x4 vs 0xff
    0x23f1: 0x1 vs 0xff
    0x23f2: 0x0 vs 0xff
    0x23f3: 0x0 vs 0xff

    Am I using this right? is it meant to return these many differences? I'm attaching the log

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    I'm in a similar position (blue-red leds dimly lit, unable to connect in normal mode). I've just measured between 3.3 and GND and got the expected voltage(3.29v). Espruino classic, Rev1.4b
    Just to add, this happened after I flashed v 1.92 over v 1.91. I faced an issue with 1.91 whereas the board would use an older version of the program, despite calling save() from the console.