How to connect CC2004 dot-matrix LCD

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  • Hi There,
    is there any tutorial how to connect CC2004 dot-matrix LCD?

    I bought­w-dot-matrix-lcd-module-2412324.html and I can not find any good tutorial/example.

    Can you help a bit pls?


  • Got specs? Data sheet? Any information on what we're interfacing to?

    If it supports SPI or I2C, it can probably be made to work without that much trouble. If you look at the code for the modules for the LCD and OLED display drivers we have - they're not all that complicated.

  • Hi there,
    sorry for missing specs. Here we go -­w/YM2004A%20specification.pdf

    Unfortunately I am newbie in this electro stuff so I have no clue how to wire this.

    Any help really appreciated,

  • That doesn't give us the information we need. Somewhere, there is a considerably longer document that describes how to communicate with it. I see 8 data pins, which means parallel input, which might be awkward to do with the espruino (maybe with a shift register? This is outside my experience), but some LCDs like that can also be configured to communicate via SPI (I saw one for sale just the other day on ebay...).

    It's also not clear whether the product that that place is selling is simply a breakout board for that LCD, or whether it contains a controller of some sort - in which case, you'd need to identify and scare up the datasheets for that.

    Also - there are a few common LCD interfaces that have arduino libraries for them - these can be a good source of information, if such a library exists for yours.

  • The only thing I'd say is looking at the pins and arrangement of the LCD, it's quite likely that the LCD is a 'clone' of one of the amazingly common HD44780 LCDs.

    It might be worth wiring it up and trying to use it as suggested here and seeing if it works.

    @DrAzzy: Why would 8 data pins be awkward in Espruino? You can just read/write them via arrays: digitalWrite([D0,D1,D2,D3,D4,D5,D6,D7],2­55)

  • Oh, that's how you write multiple pins at once via Arrays...
    My bad. I see that you do this in the HD44780 module too. That datasheet does look suspiciously like an HD44780...

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How to connect CC2004 dot-matrix LCD

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