is there a firmata library in the works?

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  • No, there isn't.

    Espruino already has its own protocol for telling it to turn things on and off - it's called JavaScript :) Instead of sending the binary 'firmata protocol' over serial to it, you just send JavaScript commands like digitalWrite(LED1,1)\n.

    I guess if someone wanted to write a wrapper for the PC end that sent JavaScript instead of the firmata protocol, that could be done - but to be honest that's just taking something really neat and making it no better than a $5 arduino clone :)

  • you're right, no need for firmata. If I can directly call any function that is even better. I just realized I can connect via CoolTerm on Mac for example and type function calls. This is super sweet, because now I can write a Node.js app that connects over serial easily.

    thx for helping me realize :-)

  • Cool, there's a bit of info on interfacing here:

    But if you're using node you can hopefully just use node-serialport...

  • I was thinking something like that would let you control an attached firmata-flashed-arduino... Just think of the possibilities of a slave Arduino mega (or 3)... I certainly am going to investigate porting at my earliest convenience...

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is there a firmata library in the works?

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