"Internal Error: Timout on utility timer"

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  • It seems that digitalPulse() will give errors on subsequent attempts to call it. It works normally the first time only.


    INTERNAL ERROR: Timeout on Utility Timer

    Happens in both v50 and the v51 github version.

  • I'm not sure what the default value is for time or if you want 0.1 to be the time. I believe the second param should either be 1 or 0, nothing in between. Try setting it all params explicitly, like this:

    digitalPulse(C7, 1, 100)

    And make sure that 100ms pass before running it again. Here is an example where I'm pulsating the led every 2 seconds, check out line 45.

    The official reference lists the format as digitalPulse(pin, state, time), where:

    • pin id
    • state either 1 or 0 (for high or low)
    • time in miliseconds
  • Oh, duh.

    I was omitting the second argument, and meant that 0.1 to be the time, no wonder it wasn't working.

  • Glad you got this sorted. I'll look into why it didn't just give you an error - it should do...

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"Internal Error: Timout on utility timer"

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