• Hello, I finally got my boards today, rev 1.3b

    Everything is fine while using minicom to send commands to the board. Every time I start up the interface, after I connect my computer starts making faint continuous dialup-like sounds, as if it were in a continuous loop. As far as I could tell from 10 minutes of usage, everything is fine except the annoying sounds. They are too faint to record (the vent is louder), but loud enough to bug me.
    Any hints to make it stop?

    My specs:
    PC: Lenovo Z710 (i7, 6GB RAM if relevant I can post more, but specs are online)
    OS: Highly customized (sorry) Ubuntu 13.10 with a non-standard kernel (v 3.12.6 compiled with custom flags to get some oscilloscope readings, 1000Hz timer frequency)

  • I noticed that chrome hits 100% cpu usage every time the web interface is connected, goes down to 0 when it's disconnected. I guess that's the cause. You may delete this thread, I'll open an issue on github.

    Chrome version 32.0.1700.107

  • I was using the latest (Github) version, not the Chrome store one. Probably bleeding-edge syndrome :)

  • Wow, that's interesting. I have no idea what that could be - unless minicom is somehow connecting to an actual modem in your PC and dialling it :p

    100% CPU is something we're hoping will stop with Chrome M33. It's annoying but it's still worth using the Web IDE because of the module loading features :)

  • Connecting via minicom works ok, it's only the IDE that causes sounds, probably due to 100% cpu.

  • did you switch sound on in options/options status ?
    See video 3 named Status Options on Gordons page for WEB IDE

  • The sound is muted. The sound is not coming from the speakers, but from other hardware close to the PC's CPU unit, probably an induction coil since they tend to make scratching sounds under high load. The problem is the Web IDE, I cannot keep it connected because it uses 100% cpu :)

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My computer is making dialup-like sounds with Espruino Web Interface connected

Posted by Avatar for randunel @randunel