Latest and greatest Espruino

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  • Do you want the absolute latest version of Espruino? Go to:­mit_date/

    These binaries are compiled directly from the Git repository. Every single time a change is made, a new binary will be compiled. Not only that but tests are run automatically, as well as benchmarks on real hardware - so over time we'll be able to see which commits affected the speed and memory usage of Espruino.

    To use them, simply go to the link above, click on the date you want, and then right-click on espruino_..._espruino_1r3.bin and click Copy Link Address. You can then take that and paste it right into the Web IDE's flasher (or follow the instructions at

    Note: The only binaries there right now are for the Espruino board version 1.3. If you need other boards you can try the original

  • Very nice!
    Are there any plans for a website that nicely shows the results of the benchmarks next to each other? The results are all there, but plain json is a bit of an eyesore ;).

  • Yes, there are plans ;) I already have the script that generates the CSV file.

    I don't suppose anyone knows of a nice JavaScript grapher? Ideally one that would let you zoom, and also click on a datapoint and see more information about it (like the git commit number and maybe author :) ).

  • I would recommend FLOT
    Example for zooming­zooming/index.html
    Example for mouseover/click­interacting/index.html
    A lot of additional examples and plugins are here­html
    There is also an editor available­t/FlotEdit.html
    Under help you will find some videos and may be, somebody will recognize the speaker ;-)
    If you give me the data, I will create an example.

  • Here you go:­ts.html

    It'd be nice if it was zoomable, and if clicking on a data point (any column) reported the hash. Even better if it linked to­mit/HASHTAG ;)

    I've left the computer churning away over the last 80 commits, as more interesting things happened over that time :)

  • Just to add - I added test pass/fail. It'd be nice if that was a bar in the background...

    And maybe it'd be better the X axis was linear, rather than based on date...

  • thanks for introducing
    function Number.toFixed
    now I no longer need to work around the lack of this function when sending data to my LCD display

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Latest and greatest Espruino

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