• And where can I get it?


  • Nevermind, I've found the working one.
    To test everything I've tried to read from a DS18B20 sensor but getTemp() method always return null so I have to manually assign sCode expando to get it work properly:

    var ow = new OneWire(B1);
    var sensor = require("DS18B20").connect(ow);
    sensor.sCode = sensor.bus.search()[0];
  • Does the version from http://www.espruino.com/Download not work?

    Thanks for letting us know about OneWire - That's a bit strange, I hadn't noticed problems on the Espruino Board (and it's basically the same chip inside).

  • The version I use is a bit outdated, so this issue with onewire may very well be fixed in later versions.

    Gordon, I know that hy boards are unsupported officially but but I already have one so I have a question - what it takes to switch on and off the display led backlight on a hy 2.4 board, is it theoretically possible with espruino? Can I get away with some SPI commands?

    Thank you for your work, js on hardware is awesome!

  • Hi Serge,

    I just looked at the schematics, and the LED for the backlight is hard-wired. You'd have to actually change the board if you wanted to turn it on and off...

  • Eh, you can't have it all.
    I will try to insert a switch button to pin 19 or pin 20 of the tft connector.
    Thanks for your help!

  • Hi Serge,
    I have an HY 2.4 board - could I possibly have a copy of your version to see if it fixes a problem I am having with the LCD screen?
    Many thanks,


  • Hi, this is the version I settled on:

  • Serge - many many thanks - that is about 300 times better!

    Best regards,


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What is the latest espruino version that works with hy 2.4 boards?

Posted by Avatar for Serge_K @Serge_K