Can not connect to app loader with android

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  • hi,

    next question :)
    I have Android version from GrapheneOS and I can not connect to the app loader even with Cromite.
    Bluetooth is connected to the Bungle Js2.
    Are there some settings, which I should change in Cromite?


  • Have you tried the app loader built into Bangle.js Gadgetbridge?

  • yes, can not get it run because of the security settings of the GrapheneOS.

  • Tried with another Phone, there I get the Gadgetbridge installed, see the device, but get no bluetooth connection :D

    meanwhile I installed Cromite on this another (without google) android, I get connection, but "getting app list" just spinning around and nothing happens.

    oh, first it worked just short time and I saw my installed apps, I clicked update 2 apps and everything gone again :D

    If I reconnect, then I see them again. So I tried to install an app. Clicked on the download sign and nothing... just spinning the wheel. As it seems, the connection via browser breaks as I want to update or upload something.

    I suppose its something for geeks.

    And by the way, what is "stay connectable" in the blue tooth settings?
    I clicked it several times

    tried it with LineageOS on an old tablet. Gadgetbridge finds nothing, no device.

    Cromite works after some tries... wow!

  • but get no bluetooth connection :D

    Is the Bangle still connected to other phone? It can only accept one connection at a time.

    When you connect from a web browser, you shouldn't have the Bangle paired with the OS (on some devices I think that can hide it from the browser). Definitely if you're connected to it with Gadgetbridge you can't use the browser, you have to use the app loaded within Gadgetbridge.

    I suppose its something for geeks.

    To be fair, Bangle.js out of the box with basically any stock Android phone.

    If you're a geek enough to have installed GrapheneOS and LineageOS on all your devices, and only use Chromite, then yes, I guess you might need a bit more fiddling - but I think that'll be true with pretty much any device!

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Can not connect to app loader with android

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