Charging doesn't properly work (see photo)

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  • Charging the bangle works only in some positions, because the (idk the name in english) are damaged. I had the bangle for only 6 months, how they can be already damaged? Is it because I use denatured alchool to clean the watch sometimes?

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  • Hi, sorry to hear you're having problems

    Here's a link to info re corrosion on the charging contacts:­act-corrosion-skin-irritation

  • Yeah but the problem isn't skin irritation (that I don't feel), but the charging doesn't work properly because the charging contacts are partialy corroded.

  • Ok! It's just I notice currently you don't seem to cover the two middle contacts as recommended:

    Bangle.js 2 devices sold since the KickStarter campaign ship with a small piece of tape covering the contacts to prevent any problems. If you have a watch without this tape we would strongly advise you apply some paint, tape, a sticker or laquer over the middle two contacts as shown in the images below:

    So I wanted to make sure you were aware of that.

  • Did you actually remove the sticker covering the middle two pads?

    As @Ganblejs said, it's not just skin irritation (which is rare) but corrosion of the contacts, which is what you have there. With the middle two pins covered you don't get the corrosion.

    Washing the back of the watch with alcohol would actually remove oils from your skin which may have otherwise helped to protect the contacts, so that won't have helped at all (but it won't have actively dissolved the contacts).

    Once the outer two contacts are gone, that's it - you won't be able to charge the watch any more. However you do still have half the contact left - all I can really suggest is to immediately cover those middle 2 pins, and that should stop it degrading further.

    It's possible you may be able to find some conductive paint you can paint over the contacts with to re-cover them and allow you to charge reliably again?

  • Ebay has conductive glue/paint containing silver in tiny syringes for PCB repair and model building starting at 2,50€. Thats probably worth a try.

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Charging doesn't properly work (see photo)

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