double touch?

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  • Is it possible to get the double touch signal working from the type on.("touch") ? I can't seem to get it working.

    I see on search others with same touch controller also have issues with the double touch. 0xB

    I want to find as many unique ways of input as possible so as to prevent using button, I don't like pressing the button that much.

    So i need mb multi-touch (2 fingers at once?). long press and double touch.

  • Double touch support was added in this PR:­mit/4cf9ead05506fd2ff48716467cf012e780e7­b485

    I've never personally seen it working, so I wonder whether the PR was ever actually tested by the contributor, or they just saw the comment and decided to implement it. There's a good chance it never worked.

    AFAIK there's a firmware on the touch controller, so if the firmware doesn't support it, it won't get reported.

    I always assumed that "double touch" was tapping twice in quick succession - not using 2 fingers

  • I always assumed that "double touch" was tapping twice in quick succession

    Yes it is tapping fast in quick succession.

    I am just stating that I also need multi touch, does bangle support that? is the controller capable of multi touch ?

    But since double touch is simply 2 touch in quick succession and we have double tap implemented already, I feel like a in-built double touch based on similar concept could be nice for us.

  • is the controller capable of multi touch ?

    You'd have to google it - I don't think so (at least not without changing the firmware which is just a binary blob).

    You could implement double tap as a module that folks can include? That seems trivial and not really any worse than in the firmware.

    If you were to try and not have the first 'tap' event in the case of double tap, it means delaying the first tap event, which I don't want to do given there's already an open issue where folks want to move away from reacting on the falling edge (which was done to detect long presses, which nobody uses) to the rising edge

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double touch?

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