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  • I think it would be nice to have an app on the app loader which allows paste code into it, and it packages it into an app with meta etc, so like a quick app wizard.

    In case you want to create an app that does incredibly little, but still want it to function as an 'app', so other apps see it as an app.

    Does this already exist? couldn't find it. I would use such an app often.

    So, it uploads the code you paste in there, on to your Bangle an an app, not as a file. Its incredibly simple but very useful in my opinion.

    It could also have an option to upload it as a boot app too, for people who are not familiar with concept of .boot.js files loading in every app.

    Guess i am super lazy, and don't enjoy writing much meta data, I prefer default options and want a fast auto-app wizard type thing.

  • Check out "app forge" and "custom boot code" on the app loader. I think they cover much of what you detail at least.

  • Yes, it sounds like the Custom Boot Code app is basically what you want, but just instead of it saving to custom.boot.js it should save to custom.app.js?

    I guess with App Forge (https://banglejs.com/apps/?id=forge) in a way you can do that with any app - you just install the app and then write to appname.app.js with the IDE and you're done?

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[IDEA]Universal App

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