Web IDE Mousewheel scrolling

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  • Has anyone noticed issues with this in the past few months, or is it just me?

    It seems that the mousewheel sometimes doesn't scroll the Web IDE editor. I'm not aware of anything that changed recently, so I wonder if it's a change in Chrome?

  • Yes I've seen it for a pretty long time but not since forever. Scrolling never fails if I position the mouse pointer on the line numbers though.

  • Thanks - that's interesting - I'll give it a try next time that happens.

    @Ganblejs what OS are you running?

    I had a bit of a dig down with the Chrome debugger last time and the mousewheel event works its way down into Codemirror the way it should, but for some reason codemirror doesn't end up updating itself.

    It feels like it's not something the IDE is doing wrong, so maybe I need to look at updating CodeMirror - I'm not sure why it would have regressed though!.

  • what OS are you running?

    Fedora Linux 40 + chromium browser.

  • Hmm, I'm Linux too - I wonder if it's related

  • I experienced the same on Windows 10+Chrome. A page refresh does usually the trick

  • Ok, it's not just Linux then. Maybe it's me, but it feels like this happened ~9 months ago, around the time this stuff went in? https://github.com/espruino/EspruinoWebI¬≠DE/commits/master/js/core/editorJavaScri¬≠pt.js

    ... but I don't see anything very problematic in those changes that would have caused this, it all looks very straightforward.

  • I've just pushed an update to Codemirror, to 5.65.16 from 5.45.1

    It seems this reported issue could have been it, but that was reported in Chrome 102

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Web IDE Mousewheel scrolling

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