• Hello,

    Is there a way to set the default Clock (Settings > System > Clock) from outside the settings? Typically, from a "Set as default" menu in the clock itself.

    My understanding is that I just need to update clock and clockHasWidgets the settings.json file, but is there something else? I noticed that when changing the clock from the settings, the watch shows Updating boot0...

    Thank you for your insights

  • Sure, for example the Clock Switcher app does this.

    The Updating boot0... is because bootupdate.js rewrites boot0.js whenever settings.json changed, that happens automatically, no need to do it yourself.
    And I think clockHasWidgets is updated automatically by bootloader.js, so you only need to update clock in settings.json.

  • Great, thanks for the confirmation and for the ready-to-use code :)

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Set a clock as default from outside the settings?

Posted by Avatar for Pologram @Pologram