• I'm very pleased that this watch now has Unicode support. This is something that I was eagerly looking forward to. However, after installing the Latin script fonts (non-CJK fonts package), the text of my messages was always displaying small. Additionally, I noticed that the text could run off the screen. Changing the messaging apps setting for font size had no effect on the issue.

    I am using firmware 2v21.

  • You'll need to update to a 'cutting edge' firmware (or 2v22 when it's released) - 2v21 had an issue scaling PBF fonts so that had to be disabled so you only got small fonts.

    Mayvbe you could see if you still get the text running off the screen issue on new firmwares? If so a screenshot and the Gadgetbridge log would be super helpful so we can reproduce it

  • Understood. I'll try out the latest firmware and report back. Thanks!

  • Sure enough, updating fixed the run off issue. Short messages will display at the medium size as well now. However, the watch seems overly eager to scale down the size of the font. It seems that anything which doesn't comfortably fit onto one line will get scaled down to the small size, even though I have the messaging app set to use the medium size as the smallest font size.

    I will send the log to you in private.

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  • So actually everything is working fine now, it's just that you don't agree with the font size that's chosen?

    The code for this is at https://github.com/espruino/BangleApps/b­lob/master/apps/messagegui/app.js#L345-L­360 but actually what it's doing looks pretty reasonable.

    I think the issue is that because we're using just this one font, the only choices for font size we have are that size, 2x the size or 3x the size.

    Because it's that way fontMedium is set as the normal size, not the 2x size (https://github.com/espruino/BangleApps/b­lob/master/apps/messagegui/app.js#L34-L4­4) but maybe that could be changed.

    I imagine that in the example you give, doubling the font size (and wrapping without breaking the words) would almost certainly not fit on the screen which is why it's chosen the smaller font.

    Personally this is low priority for me at the moment though - I've put a massive amount of effort in to UTF8 support, new font rendering, converting fonts and providing them for different languages in easy to upload apps, and iOS and Android support, but when it's at the point where font sizes are a bit wrong it'd be nice if someone else could jump in :)

  • Alright, I didn't know this was the intended behavior. That's perfectly alright then. The text is still legible, and it does look good. Thank you for explaining!

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Fonts (150+ languages) display improperly [SOLVED]

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