Disable bluetooth on Banglejs 2

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  • Hello, I would like to have an easy option to completely disable Bluetooth on my Banglejs 2–not leave it on and just prevent connection, not leave it on with our without the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) variant, I want to turn it off. How can I do that?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  • not leave it on with our without the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) variant

    There is no non-BLE variant on the watch - so if you turn Bluetooth off using the menu item it really is off.

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  • @Gordon and @fanoush Thanks for your answers! So, if I understand well, the “BLE” option I see in the Bluetooth settings is a switch that completely disables Bluetooth if the check-box is left unchecked. Is that right?

  • yes. LE in BLE means low energy, that means everything is completely off most of the time unless you actively start something, so if you don't use any BLE feature it is off completely. if you don't enable BLE advertising for the device to be seen, or don't try to scan or connect to other device(s) there is nothing to do for the radio hardware so it is completely off all the time. nothing is running on the background unless you run code to start and use it

    that checkbox unchecked means radio hardware has nothing to do and is off. there is no other state of the radio hardware that would be more 'off' than this

  • Thanks a lot, it’s clearer now!

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Disable bluetooth on Banglejs 2

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