• I have created a layout using Layout Library and want to prompt the user to confirm something, after the user selection, the screen goes blank and I can't seem to re-render the app.

    function markHalftime(){
      isHalftime = true;
      E.showPrompt("Are you sure?", {
        buttons: {"No":false, "Yes":true}
      }).then(function(result) {
        if (result) {
          // Code to execute if the user clicks "Yes"
        } else {
          // Code to execute if the user clicks "No" or closes the dialog
          // This is optional, depending on your application's logic
  • Ahh - yes, E.showPrompt has to remove your layout's input handlers so they don't get called when you tap on the screen.

    To re-add them, I think it should be fine to just do layout.setUI();layout.render(); although I think if you're using 'lazy' rendering you might need a layout.forgetLazyState() before layout.render();

    Just FYI you only need to call Bangle.loadWidgets(); once at the start of your app - once they're loaded they don't need re-loading.

  • Hi Gordon, thanks for the great answer. It resolved my issue. I was lazy rendering so I had to call layout.setUI(); layout.forgetLazyState(); layout.render(); and everything is working fine.


  • Great! That that fixed it! I'll add a note to the docs too

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Bangle js 2 - after selecting yes or no from E.showPrompt, the screen stays blank.

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