• I'm just curious whether the graph below can tell me if I have an issue with the battery in my Bangle 2 or if it could be considered normal. What strikes me the most is that at 50% battery it takes a nose dive, compared to the 100-50%.

    The left most section of the graph shows some testing with having the bangle disconnected from my phone most of the time. The middle to right most sections show when the bangle is connected to the phone at all times, which is most useful to me as a daily driver.

    I'm contemplating buying a new bangle if it noticeably improves battery life compared to my current one.

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  • I just looked at my battery chart and I can see something similar, rapidly going from 60 to 40 % charged, around 5th of May. I don't remember if I did something particularly intensive at that time though.

    It's hard to say what is normal drain since it varies heavily with usage/installed apps/how many notifications you receive/how much you play around with it/etc. For my usage 4 to 5 days would maybe feel a little on the short side but not unheard of.

    The list of installed apps from the "More..." tab of the app loader and some more details on what settings you use and your use pattern may help us to judge with a little better certainty.

    EDIT: Also there are some tips re battery life in the FAQ.

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  • We do our best with the battery level but it's a bit tricky to get it that accurate, and it is even affected by temperature - so I wouldn't be surprised if it's a little nonlinear.

    One thing you could do to help is ensure your Bangle has been on charge all night and then from settings choose the calibrate battery option.

    Before you consider a new Bangle it might also be worth backing up your bangle, then installing the latest firmware and doing a full factory reset to make sure that the lower battery life isn't due to an app that's been installed or setting that has changed (as that's the most likely)

  • Some notes from a.i response and web-search:

    The DC internal resistance of a lithium-ion battery increases with the
    increase of the depth of discharge (DOD). Within the discharge range
    of 10% to 80%, the internal resistance remains relatively constant.
    The internal resistance increases significantly at deeper discharge

    Cold temperature increases the internal resistance on all batteries

    Chemical Processes: The chemical processes within the battery become less efficient as it discharges. This inefficiency leads to a more rapid decline in voltage as the battery approaches depletion.

    Increased Internal Resistance: Batteries also have internal
    resistance, which impedes the flow of current. This resistance
    typically increases as the voltage falls. With higher resistance, more
    energy is wasted as heat, further reducing the available power to your
    device and accelerating the voltage drop.

    As the battery discharges, the movement of lithium ions within the cell decreases, leading to higher resistance.

    I think as to whether the graph is normal or not, depends highly on what apps you have installed. And as to whether that is normal gadgetbridge type usage/behaviour. The curve on the left where you had it sitting does look pretty. But also it could be that usage means that the Display is turning on/off , so power draw would fluctuate a lot with that type of usage, or other peripherals like gps eg. Other obvious thing is ensuring wake on tap is not active, known to wake too often.

    I think your graph on right just represents typical usage of a device. But you'd have to do more digging to be sure, there are some apps on the appstore that monitor power usage/current by seeing which peripherals are active.

    And a best test scenario would be with as little as possible installed as Gordon mentioned, a clean base.

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Is the following battery consumption considered normal?

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