• My banglejs 1 charging cable pin got stuck. The watch will no longer charge.
    I tried pushing it down with a pin, but it didn't fix it. I already ordered my banglejs 2 before this from adafruit, and it will arrive on Wednesday, but I still want my banglejs 1 to be usable. I attached a picture.

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  • a solution that doesn't need me to purchase a replacement cable for the banglejs 1 would be better

  • It might be that the cable's been left plugged in and it shorted out against something and heated up?

    Hard to suggest what to do short of trying to find a cable from some other device (ensuring the wiring is correct!), or make your own, but we do sell replacement Bangle.js 1 charge cables for £5, which isn't a great deal of money.

  • Is it possible to use 2 powered male to female wires for breadboards and use those to charge the banglejs?

  • Do you have a link to what you mean? If you can make contact with the 2 pins on the back with 5v in the correct polarity (see https://www.espruino.com/Bangle.js+Techn­ical#charging-pins) then it'll charge and you'll be fine. Anything would do...

  • Is it possible to use 2 powered male to female wires for breadboards

    yes, but with those I would better use springloaded pogo pins for better contact.

    If you search "Spring Test Probe Pogo Pin P50 E2 Dia 0.68mm Length" on ebay or aliexpress you get pack of ten or more for few dollars. This diameter fits into female wire so I use them with these cables for SWD or other stuff like shown on this photo https://i.ibb.co/mGk8CLV/IMG-20220216-19­2507.jpg

    one example here https://www.aliexpress.com/item/10050022­44993902.html but 100 pieces is probably too much :-)

    But anything would work. maybe start with fixing that cable you have by taking it apart.

  • I'm not sure if they are compatible with Bangle.js 1 or Bangle.js 2, but Olimex is selling this kind of conectors (both cables and device connectors).


  • @Gordon @adjtm Thanks for the help. I recently opened up the banglejs 1 before the charging cable "broke", and when putting it back together, I put the piece of plastic film around the heart rate monitor over the charging connectors. After moving the plastic film off the charging connectors, it works just fine! My BangleJS 2 Arrives tomorrow and I am really exited!

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[help please] BangleJS 1 Charging Cable Pin is Stuck

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