Way to make bangle js waterproof (e.g. epoxy)

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  • Are you using the KX023 hardware doubletap detection? There is also some sensitivity tuning

    Yes, I am using the detection in the poll handler in jswrap_bangle.c to pass button io events to the queue.

    For regular use this was working great but for the sports mode I will try changing the sensitivity. However the real button might be a problem, too. So let's see how my final solution will look like and if it is hopefully usefull for others, too.

  • 48 hours until I can check if it is watertight.

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  • The first kite boarding sessions with the glued watch were a success. It survived many hours, massive impacts, bodydragging, etc. with the watch under water and heavy water pressure. Here a photo with the watch and my wetsuit.

    Handling the watch in everyday life without the button using tabs works well for me.

    So now I am thinking if this can be useful for anyone else? I could give the 3D printed watchcase a try, because the glue looks bad and won't last forever. The result could be a tutorial explaining how to make the 3D printed backcover waterproof, reassemble the watch. Supplying the print model and the code for the buttonless mode.
    I could even imagine ready to buy kits in your shop with the unglued parts, but I think the watch is no longer produced? So maybe for the bangle 3, where I still believe that buttonless is the only way to create an affordable 5 or 10 atm watch. But bangle 3 is not coming soon? Also some people like their buttons and barometer. So maybe think about offering it in two flavors or offer a watch and a buttonless smartband?

    It would be some work to make my prototype code ready for a PR and I guess we would have to discuss how to handle some details. So I would only do that if there is a real demand otherwise I am happy that I have a waterproof watch now and learned a lot about programming for an embedded device.

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  • That's great! What does everyone think about whether there's interest?

    I guess a frame that went over the top of the watch that was epoxied on could make quite a tidy fix, and also would help to protect the screen from scratches. I'm not sure we have to really worry about water ingress around the screen itself, but I guess it doesn't hurt!

    I think the watch is no longer produced?

    Bangle.js 2 is definitely still being produced and sold, I've got thousands of them in stock here :)

    The issue with something like a Bangle.js 3 and having two flavours is it's a lot of extra expense (and stock to keep). Unfortunately I don't think I'm selling high enough volumes that it would ever really pay off having two SKUs (unless maybe Bangle.js 3 could be opened, and then maybe I could offer a separate case to swap the innards into).

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Way to make bangle js waterproof (e.g. epoxy)

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